Week 4 – to 30/01/2011

excelsior paxlovid can you buy Been a quiet birdwatching week, just the garden really. Been ill this weekend so not able to go out.

Pedro Leopoldo budesonide That being said we have added a few newbies to the year list. A grey Heron flew over the dual carriageway on the way back from the Dentist’s and the Bullfinches decided to call in the garden, 2 males and a female.

It was the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch this weekend and unlike last year when all the birds disappeared we were inundated. I went and got a new 20kg sack of sunflower hearts and filled the feeders and we sat back and waited:

Chaffinch – 12, Goldfinch – 26, Siskin – 21, Blue Tit – 7, Great Tit – 4 , Coal Tit – 2, Long Tailed Tit – 2, Blackbird – 7, Starling – 1 (an unusual visitpr for us), Nuthatch – 2, Bullfinch – 3, Wren – 1, Robin – 4 (I guess 2 males and 2 females), Magpie – 2, Jackdaw – 3, Dunnock – 3, Pied Wagtail – 1, Woodpigeon – 3, Collared Dove -3

Not bad eh!

One Dunnock is extremely round. It doesn’t appear to want to fly too much and is happy to hop very quickly. The dog saw it on the patio and ran up to it, it didn’t fly, it hopped through his legs really quickly so Os didn’t know where it was and hopped into the borders out of the way.

The Blue Tits have started checking out the nest boxes too, so hopefully we will have a repeat of last years 7 hatchlings. Must get the camera in place soon.