Week 2 – To 16/01/2011

agonistically regras para namorar minha amiga Well we are upto 72 in total now.

Prestwick ivermectin for dogs for sale The weather has been rubbish this week. We went up the Brecon Beacons yesterday to hunt for some photography spots and found some nice locations but it was so windy and raining so much we couldn’t take many photos.

Did see some birds however. At the Brecon Beacons visitor centre there was a bush stuffed full of House Sparrows. They were very sensible hiding out of the wind and rain! Also saw a Great Spotted Woodpecker.  A bit further along we stopped by one of the reservoirs and saw a lovely treecreeper.

Along the river today we managed to pick  up a nuthatch. We were alerted by a strange call and eventually found it. It fools us everytime. It sounds like a watery “huit”. Must remember that for next time.

The garden has been busy with upto 26 Siskins and 20 odd goldfinches. 2 robins have been having a sing off most of the week. They have been constantly at it, singing all through the night. It has been very odd listening to them at midnight.