Nest Updates

Candiac ivermectin for ticks on dogs The Robin chicks have hatched! We’re not entirely sure how many chicks there are but there are at least 4. I managed to sneak in to get a quick photo of them.

Bahjoi spin pokies casino This is some highlights of them hatching, some interesting behaviour.

The male seemed unsure what they were!

The blue tit chicks have grown! They will fledge in the next day or so.

The weather has been awful with floods around here and the parents have had a hard time but they have coped admirably, however they did look a bit soggy on times 🙂

There has been a lot of wing exercising today!

The hedgehogs are always in the garden, right from the crack of dusk! Lots of times they appear together with differing results!

A few more things to report on bug I think they can wait for another post.


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