More Fledging

flirt chat with a girl After exactly 14 days the robins have fledged. All of a sudden they decided to go on Thursday lunchtime. One decided it would return after an hour, but left again shortly afterwards.

club rencontre frejus Shall I go?

A video of them leaving (and returning, then going again!)

I left the camera up for a couple of days and interestingly the female returned and pulled half the nest out. She has then proceeded to make a new nest, not sure whether she is going to go for another brood so I've left the camera in just in case.

The blue tit parents have brought the fledglings back to the garden. There are at least 2, but they stay so well hidden in the foliage it's hard to tell.

The hedgehogs are still very active all night, the noises in the garden are wonderful 🙂

The moth trap has been getting busier too this week.

The highlight though was this stunning Green Arches

I've also managed to find a few more new insects this week

The lovely lacewing – Chrysopa perla

And my first 10 spot ladybird

I'm still trying to ID every from the garden bioblitz last week, nearly there, then I'll do a blog on it 🙂


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