Meeting and Filming With Sir David

praiseworthily single i östra broby Around about last February I received an email from Humble Bee Films, asking if some of my hedgehogs could be filmed for a new series they were working on. They mentioned it was Attenborough's Natural Curiosities, and having seen the first series I, of course, said yes. They came back with what they wanted to do, close ups of spines etc etc, Sir David holding a hedgehog…… Wait, what? He'll actually be there!! I didn't think for one moment we would meet him, but yes, he'd be there! How could I say no!

I had a lot of autumn juveniles in last year (same this year) so I had a few who would be ok. I decide to take Little Chris (who was found whilst filming Autumnwatch) and the amazing Little John.

The big day came, and off we went. The hedgehogs demanded a rider, so only the best hedgehog food and water for them 🙂 We arrived at the location and walked round the corner, and there was Sir David! He stood up to meet us and shake our hands, I almost went into Wayne's World 'we're not worthy' mode, but I think I managed to utter a vaguely coherent sentence.

They set up the cameras with Sir David and then it was time to introduce the hedeghogs. We popped them where they needed to be and…… Little John stayed curled up…. And still….. And still…..! Sir David was fascinated watching them, he truly does love hedeghogs, you could see the joy! After what seemed like an age, there was movement, Sir David started to speak, and the hog walked straight at the camera! Take 2! This went on for a while, much to Sir David's amusement! He was quite happy lying there just watching them.

After they got all the shots they needed, Sir David then had his photo taken with the stars 😉 He was thrilled to be able to see them so close and interact with them, and I must say Little Chris and Little John were very well behaved!

We had a lovely chat about hedgehogs with him, it was really strange to be answering his questions and him being intent on our answers, I was thinking, what can I tell you that you don't already know!! He was telling us that he didn't have hedeghogs in his garden and couldn't have them because it wasn't suitable. He did miss seeing them in the wild.

He was kind enough to have his photo taken with us and to sign some autographs. My hedgehog logbook, is now signed by him 🙂 He really is as nice as he appears on tv!

Look at the grins !!

The new series of David Attenborough's Natural Curiosities starts on the 18th February on WatchTV. The hedgehogs will be in the second episode, at 8:30pm on the 18th.


Hope you all tune in and watch the new series, especially episode 2 😉

Happy Hedgehogs