Hot, Hot, Hot What a warm couple of weeks! It's been lovely and has brought out lots of moths and insects which is wonderful it see. But it can also cause problems. The first hoglet of the year has turned up in the garden. The first thing it did was have a very very long drink. Birds and mammals are struggling for water at this time, so please consider putting out a bowl of water for them.

The new hoglet was sat in the shallow part of our pond.

The next night I caught her on the cams having a very long drink from one of the water bowls

I've spent quite a lot of time getting my records up to date and can now report that so far this year we have caught 287 different species of moth in the garden. Not far to go to beat last years 310!

Oak Eggar

Bordered Beauty

Scarce Silver Lines

I'm now in the process of IDing all the hoverflies I've got photos of, that could take a while! I've also managed to capture my first Ruby Tailed Wasp on film, what a stunning wasp!

Hopefully by next week we will have beaten last years total!