Everything's Emerging

https://camilleestieu.fr/94266-chat-vidéo-en-ligne-25434/ It's getting busier here now with lots of hedgehogs appearing in the garden. The health checks will have to start now. I've already seen some returnees that I recognise.

Dillingen an der Donau rencontre gay vienne The hedgehog takes out a worm at the start of the video, he gets very excited

The blue tit has started laying eggs, this year when she leaves in the morning, she covers them with nesting material. She should finish laying by Thursday and then incubation can resume

There was one worrying moment when a bumblebee entered the nest and stayed for the day

Moth trapping has continued with several new for the years caught

Nut-tree Tussock

Angle Shades

Mullein (complete with Elvis quiff)

Butterflies have also been out


Speckled Wood

The woods behind us are also out in their full bluebell glory. A wonderful sight at this time of year

You may’ve noticed a few extra pages on the website this week (the weather), more on this later in the week, I think this post is long enough already!


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