Dawn Chorus and Late Nights

ivermectin injection for dogs hindi wetly A lot has been going on this week so I'm going to split this into a few posts this week.

spindler poker dully The 4th of May, as well as Star Wars Day, was International Dawn Chorus Day. I set up a digital recorder to capture it right from the start. It starts slowly with a lone robin (listen closely and you can hear a hedgehog eating) and then builds. The noise when the magpies come in it gets quite loud. The there are some great clips of wing flaps and some very interesting sounds too! I counted 10 species recorded, how many can you hear?

The blue tits have been busy incubating the eggs, and these should hatch from about Tuesday.

The hedgehogs have been in and out all week but more on them in the next post. Oh, go on then, here's a hedeghog pic.

The garden has needed a quick bit of 'tidying' but that's mainly putting more wildflowers in.

A few butterflies have flitting about

Green Veined

The first cockchafers (maybugs) have appeared, with 11 in the moth trap the other night

Bees, wasps, hoverflies and flies are out in numbers now

A sting in the tail

Moth numbers are ticking over with some more new ones for the year

Purple Thorn

Spectacle (complete with John Lennon specs)

Shuttle Shaped Dart (2 colour morphs)

Muslin Moth – love the yellow on it's front legs

Has anyone else noticed the air full of fluffy seeds the last few days? There has been a lot more than I've noticed in the past. Dandelions do make lovely photo subjects!


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