Butterflies and Moths

Piraquara le site de rencontre qui marche le mieux The no mow section of the garden continues to pay dividends, with several garden firsts this week.

https://iwfsclub.com/64555-z-pack-insomnia-14998/ I was luck enough to see this Common Blue butterfly

A Small Skipper has been flying around too

And a gorgeous Ringlet

The grass is home to some ragwort and that is now covered with caterpillars of the Cinnabar moth. This means more Cinnabars next year 🙂

The moths have also been putting on a show in the trap too. There has been some very busy nights!

Burnished Brass

Rosy Footman

Yellow tail, I do like a fluffy moth

Not to be outdone the hedgehogs are everywhere at the moment! 5 or 6 individuals at a time. It's amazing how the adults can differ in size!

I attempted to take a photo of hoverflies in flight, that's not easy! This is my best effort

The rest of my time has been taken up trying to get all my records up to date and everything ID'd. Nearly there so hopefully I can report some totals next week. I guess that depends on how nice the weather is though 🙂

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