And Then There Were None On Friday morning, just before 8am, the 2 Blue Tit chicks fledged. The smallest one had trouble getting out, it was a bit too soon for it to leave. It had trouble flying and landed in one the soft release pens for the hedgehogs. I had to give it a helping hand out of there. It then made it to the bushes and hopefully to safety. The parents were frantically looking  for it and eventually found it under the bushes.

Norden ivermectin injection site for dogs This is them the day before. One looks ready, the little one is underneath

And then there were none

This is the little one stuck in the hedgehog pen, he couldn’t get high enough to clear the small fencend then there were none


Blue Tit Fledgling

Hope they do well. The wet weather may have made it very difficult for them. I have heard them but not seen them since. I went looking for them but the rain has sent everything  deep undercover, although I did see a very inquisitive Chiffchaff today, and a lovely Blackcap (too dark for photos in the trees)

Here’s a video of the moment they fledged taken from the live cams

I will keep looking, better weather tomorrow so fingers crossed. I will also complete the Blue Tits page too with complete story.