A Trail Of Destruction

hyperbatically play roulette free online no download It's coming up the hibernation season for hedgehogs and plenty of warnings are going out about the dangers of strimming in gardens, and to check or rebuild bonfires before lighting them. These are very very important. But today I witnessed another massive danger. The council have been out 'cleaning up' the verges. They did this in May as well, when all the birds were in mid nesting season. The cleaning up involved a large tractor with a very powerful cutter that was put on the ground and cut everything in its way. It was then moved up higher to cut back the trees as well.



As you can see this has ripped out quite a large amount of cover and would have destroyed any small mammals or amphibians in its path. Surely this practice must be stopped or at least they find a better way of doing it.

I'm now holding my breath hoping all the hogs turn up tonight unharmed.