Moth Night

chat maghreb maroc This weekend was the annual running of Moth Night. It's designed to get people more interested in moths with lots of events around the country. If you've seen any of my blog posts before, you'll know I need little excuse to put the moth trap on, so on it went! Thursday night (the first night of the 3 days) was perfect mothing conditions. The great thing about moth traps is the excitement in the morning opening it up and seeing what you've got. It's just like being a kid at Christmas opening up your presents 🙂 With so many moths in Britain (around 2500) there's always new ones to be found. It's amazing how many you get in a suburban garden!

site de cougars Herāt In all we trapped 236 moths of 70 species. We had a lot of the usual suspects I've posted before including Poplar and Elephant hawkmoth plus a some new ones. Here are some of the highlights

Clouded Magpie

Dark Arches

Sharp Angled Carpet

Ghost Moth

Celypha striana

Dichrorampha petrivella

Mother of Pearl


Dagger Agg.


Gothic (his name is Robert 😉 )

Anania coronata

Bramble Shoot Moth

Eudonia lacustrata

Pammene fasciana

Spectacle and Bright Line Brown Eye

Peach Blossom

Single Dotted Wave

Leopard Moth

And this one is totally avoiding ID so if anyone has any ideas, please help 🙂

All in all a great haul! If you've never tried moth trapping, find an event near you or give it a go yourself. I blogged a while ago about my original diy moth trap and how I made it. It's here if you want a look or a go yourself –

If you took part don't forget to log your sightings!

They are not just brown and boring, some of the colours and designs are incredible!


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